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Fine Dining

The charm of a unique and sophisticated cuisine

From meat cooked in a large open plan grill to more innovative dishes, excellence is served.

 Our restaurant at the Hermitage Hotel & Spa is where tradition meets modernity. The collaboration established between Chef Francesco Sposito of the Taverna Estia restaurant, two Michelin stars, and the Hermitage Chef has given life to a series of new ideas in the creation of traditional dishes with a personal and contemporary touch. An elegant atmosphere where you can feel pampered and conquered with flavors, hospitality and an always special, well-groomed, precise and kind service. The dining room is surrounded by windows that frame all the surrounding mountains and the majestic Matterhorn. The best local, high quality fresh and genuine products are served together with excellent regional and national foods. The more than 800 wine labels of our cellar will accompany the carefully studied menu dishes.

To try

  • Goose liver foie gras marinated with Calvados, candied tomato with vanilla, cocoa and sweet bread
  • Fried tuna in carrozza ... Sandwich with mozzarela cheese and red tuna in pistachio and almonds crust served with Ponzu gel sauce
  • Typical ravioli filled with lemon flavored pesto, green beans cream sauce and steamed lobster
  • Cooked flour gnocchi dumplings in flavored marjoram venison ragout with nuts olive oil and creamy mountain cheese
  • Seared lamb fillet served with peaches in syrup, black truffle, sauteed green beans and gravy sauce
  • Stewed veal cheeks in Barolo wine, mashed pumkin with Sichuan pepper and endive chicory
  • Peach melba with peach sorbet